Child Placement Agency

Foster to Adopt 

HCYR is now licensed to place children in private homes with the aim of matching them with a compatible and well-prepared adopting couple, providing ongoing support to all members of the newly formed family.

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For those foster children who are good candidates for adoption, we are committed to improve on a system that moves children around too much and too haphazardly in search of ideal placements, including adoptions. We believe that adults and children need to be carefully matched and thoroughly briefed, with a chance for visits and progressive stages of involvement.

Moreover, with HCYR’s initiative to find families in nearby counties, a child can remain part of his established community at the Ranch. A child is able to keep his or her friends, attend our Charter Schools if desired, and the new family can receive counseling services without having to deal with a whole new slate of strangers in a far-off location.

We’ve been adding pieces to our continuum of services since we opened in 1977. Our goal is to serve each child in the best possible way and to develop programs that allow many available paths as a child grows.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of adopting a child, please contact Chrissy Toothman.

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