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Charter Schools K -12

The HCYR Charter School system, with campuses in all three residential villages, offers an extraordinary educational opportunity for at-risk students. Advantages for students include accelerated academic advancement, individualized plans, small class size, state-of-the-art facilities, and qualified, caring teachers at all levels, K-12.

Every resident is required to be involved in a full-time educational program. For nine months of the year, school is Job 1. Individualized plans address specific academic and developmental needs. Progress is monitored and deficits are addressed. Our aim is to help each child to the highest educational plateau to which he is able to climb.

HCYR Charter Schools consistently surpass the academic performance standards of the Texas Education Agency. Students typically advance 1.5 years academically for each year of enrollment, making this an excellent choice for children whose academic deficits must be overcome for their timely graduation from high school, or whose emotional needs require a time of healing even as they return to academic work.

HCYR Charter Schools are ranked in the top 5% of all charter schools in the state. HCYR students consistently perform better than similar students in regular public schools. Our graduates succeed in gaining admission to programs of higher education in percentages much higher than those in traditional public education.

It is our belief that healing and learning go hand in hand in the recovery of the wounded child. At each school, professional counselors are available throughout the day to offer support and to assist students who might become upset to refocus, then return to class.

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