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HCYR ensures that each child receives professional attention for the wounds that cause pain and distract from life’s opportunities.

Charter schools operate with the same philosophy, providing comprehensive individualized education in a healing environment. In addition, HCYR integrates a variety of therapeutic modalities, along with opportunities in the expressive arts, vocational skills development and therapeutic recreation. The milieu cornerstone is individualized programming, as we look for special gifts and interests that can expedite the healing process.

The milieu cornerstone is individualized programming, as we look for special gifts and interests that can expedite the healing process.

We’ve brought together specially selected teachers, treatment professionals, and childcare staff, and challenged them to help children heal, rediscover themselves and enhance their natural gifts. We’ve seen that children who expand their personal horizons are better able to face problems and live fulfilling lives. Hence, the HCYR villages are replete with opportunity. In addition to Basic Care, Residential Treatment, and Intensive Supervision Centers; our campuses include barns, gyms, sports fields, shops, art centers, and campgrounds to provide settings for children to learn skills, gain confidence, and develop friendships.

Because we believe that each child is unique and that a healing environment is one that can adapt to meet individual needs, the Ranch model is intentionally flexible. As we seek to help each child heal, we watch for what helps him open up and for signs of motivation to work and grow. This approach requires flexibility on the part of professional staff and the broadest array of skills and personalities that we can make available at any given time.


Continuum of Care

HCYR offers an individualized approach to childcare, providing a continuum of services, including intensely structured care for severely traumatized children, residential treatment in family homes for stabilizing children, program-enriched foster care for basic-needs children, transitional living for young adults ages 18-24, and life-long family-based support for all alumni.

HCYR’s continuum of care has one additional benefit, and it’s an important one: Children need continuity of relationship over time, in addition to individualized treatment and care, in order to heal from deep traumas caused by abuse or abandonment. Our commitment to finding therapeutic and educational success, along with the best structure for daily life, also allows children to remain living with the same family of caregivers on their way to stability, graduation and adulthood.

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