The HCYR Auxiliary

HCYR Bedrock for Success since 1977

Of all the groups that have come forward to help, one stands out as the bedrock of the Ranch’s success. It’s the Auxiliary, with three chapters, allowing each campus to have its own support group of dedicated volunteers.

The Auxiliaries 


In 1977, HCYR founder Gary Priour was working to establish the Youth Ranch. Wanting to assist, Marj Nicholson, community leader, suggested the formation of an Auxiliary. With that goal in mind, Marj hosted an inaugural meeting. Who could have imagined the impact of Marj’s idea? Membership reached 154 within a year. Today, the HCYR Auxiliary is the Hill Country’s most successful and long-lasting service organization.

Currently, this team manages the thrift store, with all-volunteer labor, supplying a big part of the annual budget. They host fundraisers, give graduation gifts and make college scholarship grants. They give birthday presents and bake cakes, mentor and tutor, fund Christmas gifts and activities, and do ‘extended family’ things like reading to the children, or bringing games when they learn one of them is home sick. They also celebrate the opening of each new facility with a dedication. Sometimes they serve by just attending meetings to stay informed, so they can be ambassadors for the Ranch in the community.

The Auxiliaries make a daily difference in children’s lives. Says HCYR Founder Gary Priour, “When it was formed, I did not know how vital this group would become. HCYR could never have been built without them. It would not be the same materially or spiritually.”

Click here to learn more about our Healing Hearts Style Show and Luncheon, put on by the Hill Country Youth Ranch Auxiliary and Thrift Store.

The Hill Country Youth Ranch Thirft Store

"This is by far, one of the best thrift stores in the Hill Country!"

- Recent Customer

HCYR’s Kerr County Auxiliary has operated a thrift store since the organization was formed in 1977. The first “store” was run out of a storage unit, with members taking turns on Saturdays to put stuff out on tables in the driveway. The purpose was to raise funds and find furnishings for the first children’s cottage, scheduled to open in 1978.

The store was an instant hit with volunteers and community shoppers alike. In 1990, it landed it's current location at 3171 Junction Highway in Ingram. The store serves a two-fold purpose of providing support to the children's homes, and bargains for shoppers. Thanks to an all-volunteer team, the thrift store sends 100% of its funds (minus a few utility bills) to the Ranch. The store is always in need of quality items to sell, and continues to grow, serving the community as well as the children.

If you're in the area, stop by the thrift store in Ingram, Texas to get some real bargains and help the cause, supporting the children. If you have some time, the store is alway looking for new volunteers; even a few hours a week would help the volunteers operate the store. If you want to get involved in a group that truly makes a difference, there are plenty of ways to help.

Contact the stores directly or our main offices for more information.

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