“Children need to explore life in a playful, non-threatening and adventure-oriented manner.” —Michael Priour

- Michael Priour

Experiential therapies, based in adventure and play, have always been part of Ranch life. From swimming, to hiking, to riding horses, children develop through experience. Recreation for all children is a core value, an inherent aspect of childhood, an essential component of healing and growth. It’s a proven formula. Trauma is stored in the body and mind in ways that influence behavior. Recreation provides life-changing experience through adventure, challenge, exercise and play. It offers healthy replacements for destructive behavior patterns. Physical development goes hand in hand with emotional and psychological healing.

Our motto in the recreation department is that every child's need is a challenge for the program's growth.

To meet the varied needs, we offer both structured and leisure time with coaches and specialists. Activities are intended to develop skills and knowledge, to foster values and character, and to maximize independence.

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