Safe, Fun, and Inspiring

For some, recreation is running, basketball, and cannon balls into the pool. For others, it's the quiet peace of fishing, drawing with chalk, or taking a walk.

Recreation provides a positive outlet through adventure, challenge, exercise and play. Trauma can be stored in the body and mind in ways that influence behavior; This program offers healthy replacements for destructive patterns.

Common Everyday Activities:
  • Swimming in our Indoor Pool
  • Hiking with Staff on our Trails
  • Biking around our campuses
  • Sports like Basketball and Volleyball
  • Pond and River Fishing, and more!

Every child is unique in what interests they show. We believe that every need we find is an opportunity for our program to grow. If a child has an interest that we do not yet offer, we connect the dots through our team and the community to grow our program and create access to that specific request.

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