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Basic Care. 

The programs at HCYR are not just safety nets for at-risk and tragedy-based children – they’re launch pads for self-discovery, adventure and success.



We’ve brought together specially selected teachers, treatment professionals, and childcare staff, and challenged them to help children rediscover themselves and enhance their natural gifts. We’ve seen that children who expand their personal horizons are better able to face problems and live fulfilling lives. Hence, the HCYR villages are replete with opportunity. Barns, gyms, sports fields, shops, art centers, and campgrounds provide settings for children to learn skills, gain confidence, and develop friendships.

Our Charter Schools also focus on individual development, and students typically advance academically at a rate of 1.5 years for each calendar year in residence. With a high ratio of teachers to students, each child receives an abundance of special attention.

The joy of accomplishment is further reinforced during the summer months when children can work during morning hours to earn wages based on both individual and team performance in a vocational training program renowned for its popularity among residents and for its value as reported by alumni later in life. Summer afternoons are enriched by a full schedule of educational, recreational and artistic electives that allow children to nurture special gifts and areas of interest.

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