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A Childcare Family

The two most frequently used words in HCYR literature are love and family. Caring for our children through thick and thin, and throughout their lives, has a proven history here.

The groundwork for family begins on day one, when a child is brought to us. We surround the child with a gentle, loving welcome. Trust doesn’t come easy to children wounded by abuse, so we give them plenty of time to heal, nurturing relationship at the child’s own pace.

After two years, HCYR conducts a special ceremony, presenting the child with a medallion signifying lifetime membership in the Ranch family. The ceremony is an acknowledgement of our enduring and special relationship. The medallion is highly treasured by alumni.

As children become teens, we help them gear up for the future. After graduation, they are offered housing at Enhanced Horizons, a community for HCYR alumni ages 18–24, where they can transition to adulthood or live during college breaks. We also maintain several retreat houses so that alumni can bring their families to vacation and show them their childhood home.

A family is forever, and requires long-term commitment. HCYR is family to over 2000 men and women who lived at the Ranch since 1977. We do what families do. Alumni can come home for visits; they can call for help. We remain involved in their lives as they grow older. With the help of HCYR’s extended family, we provide college scholarship grants, transitional living assistance, and crisis funding. Holiday banquets and reunions refresh the bonds regularly.

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