Ways to Give

Together, we build better futures. 

Online Giving

We all have a role to play in providing better futures for our children. No matter where you live or who you are, there is a child waiting, depending on you. 

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Hill Country Heroes

Monthly donors who partner with HCYR are the backbone of our organization, providing a stable source of funding that allows us to maintain our ongoing initiatives and also enables us to respond swiftly to emerging needs for the children.

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Give by Check

Donations and charitable giving make a huge difference in the lives of our children.

Mail in a check. Send your check to:
Hill Country Youth Ranch, P.O. Box 67, Ingram, TX, 78025


Tax-Smart Giving

Rather than donating cash, many of our donors are opting for smarter, non-cash options that not only support our mission but may also offer a variety of tax benefits. Click the link below to learn more about giving stocks, cryptocurrency, gifts from your IRA, and making a grant from a donor-advised fund.

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Estate Planning

Designating HCYR as a beneficiary through a Bequest, Trust, Life Insurance, or other planned giving vehicle can make a huge impact in the lives of children we serve here in the Hill Country. We partner with FreeWill to assist you in this process. FreeWill’s secure online estate planning platform can help you create your will or trust for free and designate a gift to HCYR at the same time.

Through FreeWill, you can also plan beneficiaries for assets not covered in your will. Using this online tool, you can log all of your assets, name HCYR as beneficiary, and receive printable instructions on how to set each one up with your broker.

Have you already included a gift to HCYR in your estate plan? Please fill out this short form so we can thank you for your generosity!


Gifts in Kind

Gifts in kind help us enormously as we continue to maintain a quality environment. Such gifts include real estate, furniture, vehicles, and all manner of material goods. With a big family like ours (100 children at a time), material goods are in constant demand, and we simply could not afford to replace the large ones like appliances and vehicles on a continual basis.

Like every active family, we wear things out. We have a system for utilizing all such gifts for maximum benefit. First, we sort donations to see what can be used at one of our campuses. After we’ve furnished our residences, outfitted and supplied the children, we offer remaining items for sale at our HCYR Thrift Shore. Either way, our children reap the benefit.

Call us to schedule a pick-up at 830-367-2131, or bring items to any of the three campuses from 8 to 5, Monday through Friday.

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