Residential Treatment

"It Takes a whole village to raise a child" 

is a proverb especially true of severely traumatized children, who may not respond well to the stresses of living in a single-family situation, but may respond superbly to a more complex set of choices, involving a variety of mentors and approaches, one of which may resonate with the child and allow him to find a new basis for motivation, for belonging, and for persevering.



The most highly structured end of HCYR’s continuum of care is found in its two assessment centers — the Doss Center for boys, and the Hosler Center for girls. In these units, children are housed in a secure environment, with supervision and therapeutic services constantly present.

The two Assessment Centers house eight children each and provide a safe, structured environment with continual access to the larger campus, to its recreational, therapeutic, and educational programs, and to its family of children, staff, and teachers. The Centers act as a bridge from intensive supervision to family-style living, which is the goal for all our children.

Residents are generally admitted to Doss or Hosler after multiple placements in hospitals, after exhibiting an ongoing need for heightened supervision, or after tragic events in their families have left them needing vigilant support as they recover. During their stay, children work with professionals who identify individual treatment needs, helping these severely traumatized children to stabilize and to begin to develop trust-based relationships.

Educational and enrichment programs for children living in Doss or Hosler are available through the campus Charter Schools, as well as at various facilities for gift-enhancement such as the Fine Arts Center, the Gymnasium, the Junior Olympic Swimming Pool, and the Community Center. Thus, children can continue learning and growing and interacting with others while healing from the worst of traumas. They stay in Doss or Hosler until they are ready to move into one of HCYR’s 16 family-style homes.

Treatment Center

HCYR operates a residential treatment center in conjunction with its basic care children’s home, serving some of the state’s most traumatized children. Six RTC houses provide varying degrees of structure. As residents stabilize, they can be placed in one of HCYR’s campus foster homes, thus allowing them to remain in the same community of caregivers as they heal.

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