Residential Treatment

Encouraging progress through Family Based Support

We have found over the years that children who come from traumatic backgrounds find security in routine and structure. After coming from a situation that may have been unpredictable and stressful, we introduce children to a program where they can stabilize and learn skills to help them grow.

Our Residential Treatment Center (RTC) at our campus in Ingram, TX includes two Assessment Centers licensed for Intense Psychiatric Treatment (IPTP), as well as four family style homes to cater to the needs of every child’s unique needs. We believe in using an individualized care model which enhances the positive potential in every child.

  • HCYR Staff are trained in Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) to aid our children as they learn how to stabilize.
  • Our skilled treatment team are available every day for any emotional or regulatory needs our children may have.
  • We also work with licensed therapists that support our children with various modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Play Therapy.

Many children in the foster care system move multiple times a year which can hinder the ability to settle and regulate. Because of this, we are thankful to provide a Continuum of Care to each of our residents so that as they meet their goals they can move to a new program within Hill Country Youth Ranch (such as Traditional Family Care) without having to uproot.



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