If you represent a professional placement agency, please make direct contact with the Admissions Director by email.

HCYR has two licensed children’s villages, one in Ingram and one near Leakey, TX, with a broad array of living and treatment settings designed to meet all levels of need. Each location also has an on-campus charter school for grades K-12. The Admissions Director can provide more information on services and programs.

Criteria for Admission:

Resident of Texas, age 5-18
Prefer IQ of 85 or above
No convicted sex offenders
No active substance abusers

Private Placements

HCYR admits children from parents and guardians, as well as placement agencies. If you wish to inquire about the private placement of a child, you may fill out the admission form as a way to get the assessment process started. Or you may send an email describing the circumstances that have led to the search for out-of-home placement to Krystle Ramsay at

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