Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide a safe, loving, and life-enhancing Christian environment for children and young adults.
Building Trust
Healing & Growth
Continuum of Care

Hill Country Youth Ranch’s team focuses on gaining an understanding of each child’s unique needs, finding potential for growth, and reaching out to the child to build mutual trust. We believe that a child needs to experience a relationship that lasts, knowing someone who endures with them through every phase of life.

One of the most profound disturbances to the early development is when a child is prematurely separated from a protective environment, such as the loss of a home because of abuse, abandonment, or catastrophe. Only time, along with the experience of being nurtured, can dissipate fear and anger and allow a child to heal, learn, and grow.

At HCYR, we offer programs and services tailored to each child's interests and needs to help them on the path of healing, while also training them with skills that can help them as they grow up.

 What Makes the Ranch Different

Derik and Adelfa Ramos
GRO Director & Enrichment Program Director

Giving Children Opportunities

Jeeper Ragsdale
Board Secretary

Come Alongside Us
Krystle Ramsay
Executive Director

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