Values & Vision

Vision Statement


HCYR offers an individualized approach to the care of traumatized children, providing a continuum of services, including highly structured care for severe cases, residential treatment for stabilizing children, foster care for basic-needs children, transitional living for young adults, and life-long family-based support for all alumni.

The HCYR program is structured to emphasize a long-term relationships with adults who can, in time, take the place of the absent parent or family figures, and come to serve as a support system that goes back far enough into a child's personal history so that he is not continually introducing himself to strangers.

As a child lives among us, we watch for things he does well and interests that persist, seeking conditions that spark motivation. Often, a program is created to meet the needs of a single child. We believe that gift enhancement and healing go hand in hand.

Our Values

Building Trust
Healing & Growth
Continuum of Care

Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to provide a safe, loving, and life-enhancing Christian environment for children and young adults who have suffered severe trauma from abuse or neglect.

Our Mission

Mission & Philosophy

We believe that God has endowed each human being with a unique set of instructions to carry out his life. One of the most profound disturbances to the early development of this guidance system occurs when a child is prematurely separated from a protective environment, such as through the loss of important relationships owing to abuse, abandonment, or catastrophe. Only time, along with the experience of being nurtured, can dissipate fear and anger and return the child to his appointed journey.

Since it is rare for a wounded child to move adeptly into a trust-based relationship, providing a structured environment that can secure the child in moral and personal safety is essential until the complex and perilous task of recovering treasures lost is achieved.

HCYR’s team focuses on gaining an understanding of each child’s trauma, seeing the potential and reaching out to the child to build mutual trust. Moreover, we believe that a child needs to experience a relationship that lasts, knowing someone who endures with him over time until the best and worst has all been seen.

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