Summer Program

Summer Program


Summer is a special season at the three HCYR campuses. With school out, the HCYR family can be together more. The staff puts great effort into planning summers full of opportunities, including work, gift-building, play and travel. Every child participates in some way to enhance individual talents, accomplish projects, learn new skills and have fun as well.

Successful independence for our graduates is not an automatic accomplishment.

Some alumni attend college, but many go straight to the job market. It is thus important that we provide vocational training to help our youth develop employable skills, starting before high school graduation. Internship programs allow young people to learn woodworking, mechanics, horticulture, landscaping, video or audio studio editing, photography, and computer skills.

Every resident is given the opportunity to work with a team of peers during the summer to earn personal spending money, doing landscaping, gardening, tree trimming and other outdoor tasks. A trip to the bank to set up a child’s first savings account is also an important tradition, and follows participation in the summer work program.

In addition, all teenagers participate in Preparation for Adult Living. Topics include applying for a job, setting up a bank account, managing a budget, renting an apartment, etc. This curriculum is supplemented each summer with workshops on career development. During Career Week, speakers come from different professions to outline the road that leads to success in that field.

Overall, the joy of accomplishment is further reinforced during the summer months when children can work during morning hours to earn wages based on both individual and team performance in a vocational training program renowned for its popularity among residents and for its value as reported by alumni later in life. Summer afternoons are enriched by a full schedule of educational, recreational and artistic electives that allow children to nurture special gifts and areas of interest.

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