We learned early in our work that the expressive arts provide powerful healing tools for traumatized children. A child can paint on a canvas or write in a poem things they can’t yet say in a therapy office, and their work is often stunningly beautiful. Over the years, we have collected rooms full of paintings, volumes of poetry, several albums of songs, and produced numerous plays that bring all these expressions to life in drama

The Children's music project

The Children’s Music Project brings songwriters to the table to help compose songs based on the children’s poetry and stories.

Children's Poetry

Here are some volumes of children’s poetry. If you’re a songwriter, or just want to read them, we invite you to click on the image and see the poems from each book in PDF format.


Broken Wings Can Fly

Alumni Stories

A reunion was planned . . . a unique event took its place . . . COVID forced us to delay a reunion of alumni planned for July 2020. After careful study during June, we concluded that we could not have our gathering of alumni, with meals and social events, at the scale we had hoped. But we did what Youth Ranchers always do – we made lemonade from lemons. Renowned video producer Brian Hawkins was coming to film clips for the live-stream Style Show in September, so we asked him to spend an extra few days interviewing alumni who could come individually. We were able to schedule 12 of them, a few Ranch graduates from each decade. We gained a treasure trove of memories and powerful stories. We’ve shared more of what they said in the Corral newsletter, and are adding more stories here as he produces these wonderful films.