In 1995 music producer Tony Young made a visit to the Ranch, having heard we had a new recording studio on the campus. He then heard the stories of some of the kids, and the rest, as they say, is history. Tony brought in legendary songwriters and musicians to work with the poetry and stories of children, and the songs were amazing, leading to recordings of great quality, honoring both child authors and the professionals who collaborated. He has produced four albums since, shown below. Now, in our vonBerg Recording Suite at the new Stevens Fine Arts Center, we are working toward our fifth album of original songs. Music and writing are powerful healing tools in themselves. An otherwise non-responsive child can often find self-expression through singing a song or writing a poem. When that child listens to a beautiful recording of his or her poem or story, or walks away with a CD to share with others, the experience is transformational. If you’re a songwriter, check out the Children’s Poetry page. Contact Tony at if you want more information on how you can visit or participate.

Broken Wings
Can Fly

The first album produced by the Children’s Music Project, in 1998.This album led to five dramatic performances, 1998-2002, filmed live with kids and staff dancing and singing and telling their stories.

Heart Like a

The Project’s second album was completed in 2008.This album brought in even more professional songwriters coming to work with our children to write the songs from their poems and stories.

Prisoner of the Clay

Our third album was completed in 2012 after collecting songs of faith written by kids, staff, and visiting songwriters over almost fifteen years since the Project was launched in 1997.

Brand New Start

This album was finished in 2022. Its title song was written by the late, legendary Leon Russell on his 2009 visit to the Ranch.  Other songwriters came to help and the fruits of the Project are as amazing as ever.

New Projects

We are constantly working on new songs. If you’re a songwriter, check out the Children’s Poetry page in this same Media section.  If you want to know more about the Project, or how you can help, contact 

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