Fresh Start Program

Single Mothers & Survivors of Abuse

One major hazard of young adulthood occurs when young women have children and unexpectedly wind up as single parents. If abandoned, a new young mom, if unskilled and under-educated, is left without the means to make an adequate living. Daycare can consume most of her minimum-wage paycheck.

We have observed that such moms, many of whom were victims of childhood abuse or abandonment, are usually fiercely dedicated to becoming better parents and breaking the cycle of poor parenting. But they need help to succeed.

Young mothers who qualify can live in an apartment suite with their child while they receive job skills training or professional certification in a field that will allow them to make a better life for themselves and their child.

According to HCYR Director Gary Priour, “We know that the investment being made today will pay off in the future. And if we don’t help this group of young women when the circumstances are overwhelming, how can we expect them to provide the necessary nurturance to the next generation?”

Pam Wood, former EH Education Director, noted, “The Young Mothers home contains private suites for moms and their children. Each suite consists of two bedrooms, a full bathroom, and storage space. There is a common central area that includes two fully equipped kitchens, laundry facilities and a large living area.”


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