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Enrichment Programming

We know that healing and gift-enhancing growth go together.

Each child who comes to live with us has a unique and sometimes difficult path to healing and wholeness.

The wisdom for helping a child find his or her way lies in our response to the very behaviors that make the journey difficult.

The real challenge is for us to grow in response to the presenting needs of each child, developing treatment and program strategies that meet those needs. We know that healing and gift-enhancing growth go together. Helping a wounded child move outside his comfort zone and find success can build strengths that put into perspective the emotions that hide in trauma. Over time, some programs have repeatedly proven their worth and have become regulars on our agenda, with standing budgets, personnel and facilities to make them available to children and youth who find a gift to build on, or an interest to develop.


The Enrichment Programs at HCYR are not just safety nets for at-risk and tragedy-based (different description needed) children – they’re launch pads for self-discovery, adventure and success.

As a child lives among us, we watch for things he or she does well, and for interests that persist, seeking conditions that spark motivation. Enrichment Programs include an array of recreational pursuits, including horseback riding, sports, job training and outdoor adventure. In the arts, electives include photography, computer graphics, painting, song and poetry writing, voice and music, dance and theater. Vocational education includes cooking, sewing, woodworking, welding, landscaping, masonry, and accounting.

Professional services include individual and group therapy. Therapy sessions are conducted by licensed professionals, aided by weekly consultation with a clinical psychologist and a psychiatrist. Therapists work with program and direct care staff to create a team approach for supporting each child’s goals.

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